About the Course Instructor

Audrey Silcox, M. Ed, Certified Divorce and Family Mediator

Audrey Silcox has worked as a counselor and divorce educator since 1996. She is a Certified Professional Coach as well as a Certified Divorce and Family Mediator. Audrey has worked in private practice in mediation and counseling. She also has worked within the judicial system handling co-parenting and other issues affecting couples who face divorce.

Perhaps most importantly, Audrey Silcox has "walked in your shoes.” When faced with her own divorce years ago, before becoming a mediator, she found herself suddenly making major decisions with little information. This experience taught her the power of self-education about divorce and the types of decisions divorce requires, in addition, to the importance of learning to make those decisions under stress. Obtaining education to assist with learning effective co-parenting skills while making informative decisions for the children can be invaluable. 


Auburn University at Montgomery

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Auburn University at Montgomery

Master of Education in Counseling